Give us some files

Give us some files

Post by j Jason LaBran » Thu, 31 Jan 1991 03:49:00

We, at New York University, just purchased six
CSA T-400 Transputer kits and are wondering
what to do with them.  So far we have been
completely amused by the fractal demonstration
program -- it's getting old.  Are there any
FTP sites out there that have some fun or
interesting programs that we can get hold of?
We ain't got notin ta do wit it!  We ain't
got no memory neither -- just the 2k on chip.

Respond in public or private.  My prefered

Happy Transputers,


Give us some files

Post by Lyle Bingh » Thu, 31 Jan 1991 09:30:03

Dear Kit Owners:
Have you explored the workbook?  A lot of the programs shown therein
although written in occam can just as easily be done with the T400 C.
When you get bored, give me a call, I have a few other projects you
can work on.

Best Regards,

Lyle Bingham
Computer System Architects
(801) 374-2300


1. Graphs of given diameter and given degree sequence


We will appreciate any suggestions about the complexity status
of the following problem :

INSTANCE: sequence of positive integers (d_1,...,d_n) and an integer D.
QUESTION: is there a undirected graph G(V,E) of diameter at most D
whose degree sequence is (d_1,...,d_n) ?

Comment: We are interested even in the special case D=2.
In this case the problem can be formulated as a following mathematical
programming problem :

Find an admlissible solution
\sum_{j=1, j\neq i}^n u_{ij} = d_i    i=1,...,n
u_{ij} = u_{ji}  i,j=1,...,n
u_{ii} = 1       i=1,...,n
\sum{k=1}^n u_{ik} u_{kj} >= 1  i,j=1,...,n
u_{ij} \in {0,1}.

Thank you very much for any help.

Victor Chepoi and Yann Vaxes.

Yann Vaxes
Faculte des Sciences de Luminy - LIM   ||   tel: +33 (0)4 9182.9484
163, av. de Luminy Case 901   ||   fax: +33 (0)4 9182.9275

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