Seeking papers by Philip Mattos of Inmos, Ltd.

Seeking papers by Philip Mattos of Inmos, Ltd.

Post by Robert Kell » Thu, 11 Jan 1990 07:47:00

In particular, papers about GPS and Loran with transputers.
Please reply to ...!uunet!sequent!rjk, thanks in advance.

1. e-mail to INMOS [was Re: Seeking a solution...]

  > Sorry, email to INMOS Bristol,UK is not a viable means of

INMOS has two internal domains and two external mail connections, one
in the UK and one in the US.

In the UK, "" reaches INMOS Bristol via JANET.  In the US
"" reaches INMOS Colorado Springs via the Internet or
"...!uunet!inmos-c" via UUCP.  Mail is exchanged privately within
INMOS between these two sites and some others.

Within INMOS there are a bunch of machines (generally non-UNIX
machines) that exist in a subdomain called "isnet".  Everyone else is
available in the toplevel domain. The domains and are equivalent.

In my experience mail into and outof INMOS works just fine.  Mail
involving the "isnet" subdomain is subject to the perils of VMS
and DECnet.

If you don't know the address of the person you are trying to reach in

Remember to tell the Postmaster which site you think the person works at.

If you don't get through read the error message in the bounced mail.
If it doesnt look like your fault then send it again, perhaps waiting
24 hours for someone on both sides of the Atlantic to fix something.

that doesnt work then something other than INMOS is most likely broken.

Here endith the lesson.

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