Biztalk Editor / Schemas / Open-Closed parameter

Biztalk Editor / Schemas / Open-Closed parameter

Post by Just » Sat, 19 Oct 2002 23:21:02

Hi everyone,

I have been trying to find an explanation to the open/closed parameter
for fields in a schema (using Biztalk Editor for Biztalk 2002) and
have read a few posts about it (especialy one by Simon Khor :
and the related msdn documentation). Yet it is quite unclear what it
allows to do.

I understand it allows for more flexibility in using fields in the
input document that aren't specified in the schema associated at
channel level. This means that any tag with an 'open' option set would
allow for undeclared subtags in the actual document.
Additionaly, it seems that you still have to include in the schema a
reference to the namespace the additional fields would refer to. Am I
wrong here ? Carrying on, this means you have to specify in the
document the namespace each tag is refering to, using the name or
letter you gave it in the 'namespace' tab in biztalk editor. So this
means that setting a tag to open in the schema allows for inclusion
(below) of other tags as long as they are declared in the additional
namespaces and you specify which it is relating to, doesn't it ?
It is getting fairly complex here, so to simplify my question :
- if what I have written above is right, where would you store the
second schema and how would you refer to it in the namespace setting ?
something like urn:webdav:theschema_name ? where would it actually dig
it from and does it 'download' it at runtime ?
- if not, basicaly what I want to do is be able to post document with
a few additional fields wherever they are located in the document, and
let them through the channel. I have run tests with the tags set to

doesn't work and the error I get is the document doesn't match the
DTD, yet I don't know where the error was thrown from : channel entry
or mapping.

Any help and/or ideas would be appreciated,



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My system is Win2000 Professional.  

I appreciate the help with this problem.

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