Self routing, self-routing, dynamic routing via document definition and qualifier/value pair

Self routing, self-routing, dynamic routing via document definition and qualifier/value pair

Post by j » Sat, 18 Jan 2003 05:36:48

Here's a bit of a revelation on self routing that we worked through
this week.  I thought I'd share it.  If it is elementary for the
reader, disregard, move on, forgive the intrusion.

Self routing, IE: with an open source' document:

Assuming you have the receive function configured to be 'open source',
listing the appropriate destination qualifier either in the document
itself, via the dictionary tab, or in the receive function...

inbound document.

2.  BTS finds an *Organization* that has this *qualifier/value pair*

3.  BTS finds any open channel/port pairs with:  a) an inbound doc
spec that matches the one found in the document AND b)This
Organization (found in step 2) as the destination, REGARDLESS OF THE
channel/port pair is supposed to go to the org found in step 2, it's a
4.  if 2 and 3 are true, it routes to that channel.

hope this helps. -jv


may you dream of large women...


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   We are considering bypassing the self-routing feature
because of the very large number of trading partners (say,
5000).  There is a feeling that we will be better off if
we do not support the large number of ports and Doc Defs
to support 8-10 transactions per trading partner.

   Some of us think we will get a performance boost by not
looking for matching doc defs and channels.

   Others think the manually coded I/O needed to pull the
GS identifiers, manually break up the functional groups,
rewrap them in copies of the Original ISA and use Submit
to place each doc on a generic channel with the
appropriate  sender/receiver as parameters, will render
the process extremely I/O bound (Each FuncGroup will be
written back out to disk and processed by a second receive
function), take a long time to code and not return much in
the way of performance.

   I am interested in perspectives pertaining to this.


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