Running canned test scenario from Lesson 1

Running canned test scenario from Lesson 1

Post by Tony Cegelsk » Sat, 05 Oct 2002 22:25:30

When running the test scenario in Lesson 1, the following
file is not written out to the \Output Dir.....

"3.In the \Output directory, double-click the
ContosoInvoice.xml file to open it in Internet Explorer. "

Where can I see why this did not happen?

Any help or direction is appreciated.



1. Running lesson 1 from evaluation edition


From lesson 1.doc:

You are now ready to see BizTalk Server in action. Copy the file named
ReqToDecline.xml from the C:\LearnBizTalk\Documents directory and paste it
into the C:\LearnBizTalk\Pickup directory. Make sure you are not moving the
file but rather copying it because it will be processed by BizTalk Server
and removed from the \Pickup directory. Since the order total in this
requisition exceeds $1,000, it gets declined and a message box is displayed
informing you of this.

I do not get a message box. I do not know why.

Any assistance is appreciated.

Thank you

Seth Perlmutter

Information Systems

FactSet Research Systems


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