xsd schema or xdr schema

xsd schema or xdr schema

Post by Sari » Sun, 05 May 2002 14:33:50

I'm starting a new project soon that involves writing Schema to a
biztalk server. I was told that biztalk doesn't support xsd Schema and
I should only use xdr Schema. Is this true? I'm really interested in
writing xsd Schema to this project.

xsd schema or xdr schema

Post by Raman Mah » Wed, 22 May 2002 10:59:28


Unfortunately we don't support XSD right now, though three is a feature in
BizTalk 2002 that includes a "export to XSD" feature.

But Microsoft is 100% committed to adding XSD support in a future BizTalk
Server release.  XDR is a perfect functional subset of XSD so all work done
with XDR today is great preparation for XSD in the future


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I need to import multi-table Oracle database schema into BizTalk Server
2002. Since I could find no application that will export multi-table schema
in a compatible XDR format, I have decided to create an XSLT to transform
XSD into XDR format. This XSLT would perform the opposite of the
xdr-xsd-converter.xslt 1.5 file that comes with BizTalk Server 2002.

Once I have the XSLT written, then I can use Visual Studio .NET design-time
database features or an ADO.NET application to generate XSD from the
original Oracle databases, transform the XSD into XDR, and finally be able
to import the schema into BizTalk, so I can start mapping from the old
Oracle database to the new Oracle database.

Since I have never before written any XSLT, I thought that before I dive in
too deep, I would check to see if anyone knows of any existing solutions
that might be available. (I tried XMLSpy, but BizTalk Editor would not
import the XDR file that XMLSpy generated using Save As.)

Thanks for your help,

Scott Hutchinson

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