plan9 install

plan9 install

Post by Al Slat » Wed, 27 Sep 1995 04:00:00

: :      I first booted with the first disk of the ftp version on plan9 and
: : it installed without any problems, but when I went into plan9
: : (c:\>plan9\b) and tried to install the other disks it said that there was
: : an error, or insuficent disk space, but i know that ther are 250 megs
: : free on my 340 meg IDE hard disk.  Do I need more space, or is it
: : configured wrong?
: : [ Most likly it is configured wrong. You need to have free space beyond the
: : dos partition, not within it -- mod ]

What might be helpful, or rather when I eventually took the install docs
literally, is NOT to format the partition you intend to put Plan9 on,
otherwise it thinks it hasnt got one and will come back with the message
about not enough free space.

 I've seen mentioned that Plan9 goes okay on laptops-and although not
 after specific vendor endor*ts (:) any got any suggestions for a nice
 off the shelf laptop that it'll go okay on?, and further to which---SCSI
 on laptops?)


1. plan9 install disk problem

booting plan9 with recent install disk on gateway
486 produces the following:

sing (bunch-of-symbols)
        elnk 0x300 (bunch-of-symbols)
fd0!dos!plan9.gz (bunch-of-symbols)
boot from:

pressing just return here causes panic.

the text above is not exactly correct, but Im not
in front of the box right now.

This box is otherwise known to be functional, and
the floppy boots another pc that Im using without

Iam going to try copying the image to a hd and see
if that will work, but wouldn't mind knowing if
booting from the floppy will fly.

Thanks, -j

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