aux/vga & card S3 VIRGE/DX & monitor ADI 4GP

aux/vga & card S3 VIRGE/DX & monitor ADI 4GP

Post by alexandr bab » Tue, 06 May 2003 20:34:30

hallo plan9-ers!

i've got problem with graphics under plan9.
i've got monitor ADI 4GP and video card S3 virge/dx 86C375
with 4MB memory.

when i start aux/vga -m [vga....multisync] -l [640x480x8...1024x768x24]
i can't get normal screen, screen is always divided into 2 or more
vertical rectangles with some color vertical lines between them.
each rectangle contains the same picture of graphics.
i tried hwaccel off etc. , but nothing helped.
can you help me?!

thanx and vivat glenda :-)

sasa babic


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hello. i have problems with the video card while trying to run P9R4 in
any of the 24bit color modes. what happens is this - it initializes the
video mode, but pixels seem to be shifted left or right with something
like a byte or two (problems with the interpretation of linear video
memory in the frame buffer code?); also - the rightmost column of about
200 pixels is exact copy of the leftmost such column. mouse pointer is
moving ok everywhere, although clicking is somehow funky (e.g. if i want
to resize a terminal window i have to click about 100 pixels right from
the window frame). there are no problems with 8 and 16bit modes. any

my video BIOS is this one - 0xC0045="S3 86C375/86C385 Video BIOS.
Version 1.01.03", dated 12/13/96.

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