---Thanks for the advice, it worked! 1474322211111110

---Thanks for the advice, it worked! 1474322211111110

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All HGH products are not the same.  There
are three different types of products. Yet, all
three are advertised as if they where the same.

The three types are:
1) Homeopathic HGH
2) Pre-cursor HGH
3) Real or synthetic HGH (delivered by injection
or, by an *spray method).

Do you know differences?

Call us and we'll explain them to you.

Our toll free number is 888-621-7300.

For more information on HGH read on............


     Released by your own pituitary gland, HGH starts declining
in your 20s, even more in your 30s and 40s, eventually resulting
in the shrinkage of major organs -- plus, all
other symptoms related to old age.


* Reduce Body Fat and Build Lean Muscle

* Enhance * Performance

* Remove Wrinkles and Cellulite

* Lower * Pressure and Improve Cholesterol Profile

* Improve Sleep, Vision and Memory

* Restore Hair Color and Growth

* Strengthen the Immune System

* Increase Energy and Cardiac Output

* Turn back your body's Biological Time Clock 10 - 20 years

* Live Longer AND Stronger

All natural and organic plant based


    We are the manufacturer and we sell directly to Doctors,
Chiropractors, and consumers world wide the highest grade
 HGH *Spray available.  

     With internet marketing, we are able to save advertising
cost and pass those savings along to you.
But you must act now.  

To receive more information call  us now.

            TOLL FREE 1-888-621-7300

We must speak to you in person to qualify your usage.

     All of your questions will be addressed and answered in a friendly,
no pressure manner.  Our main purpose is to provide you with
 information so you can make an educated decision.

     For more information call


 If you are on line write down our
phone number and call us when you can.

Soon, you and your loved ones will be very glad you did.

Read what people are saying:

"The effects of 6 months of GH on
lean body mass and fat were equivalent
in magnitude to the changes incurred
during 10-20 years of aging."
Dr. Daniel Rudman, MD,
New England Journal of Medicine.

"Within four months, my body fat decreased
 form 30% down to 21%! I noticed my skin
 is more supple and my overall mental
 outlook improved significantly."
 D.W., New Jersey

"We have been on the spray for just 3 weeks
now, and besides the tremendous energy we
both feel, my husbands allergies and spells
of depression have lifted. I am healing
extremely fast after an accident and have
lost 7 lbs. without trying!"
C.B., Flagstaff. AZ

Thanks for reading our letter,
The HGH Staff
USA Division

PS:  The HGH Staff guarantees the
highest quality and lowest price.

 We manufacture and ship directly to your door.
 Offer expires 19 April 2002
Call us now 1-888-621-7300


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       To Qualify for a Free HGH Consultation

            call the HGH Staff -- Today.

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in compliance with commercial email laws.

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Congress and is not considered SPAM
since it includes a remove mechanism.
This message is not intended for residents in the
states of CA, NC, NV, RI, TN, VA & WA.
Screening of addresses has been done to the best
of our technical ability.

 Call us now 1-888-621-7300 for your free HGH consultation.


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