Vaio PCG-F809K - Where's the harddisk located?

Vaio PCG-F809K - Where's the harddisk located?

Post by Florian Spis » Sat, 16 Jun 2001 20:39:32

Hey group...

I have to change the harddisks between two PCG-F809K, but I don't know
where they are exactly located. Anyone who can tell me, how I can get
to them?

Thanks in advance.

PS: Please send a copy of your message to my email.


1. help:Vaio PCG-XG39 Won't POST

Hi, I have one Sony Vaio PCG-XG39
it's totally dead, well, not quite totally, when I push the Power
button the power light comes on, the dvd drive lights up and spins a
little bit.

but it won't turn on the display or even POST.

I have a sneaking suspicion that the owner tried to flash the BIOS,
but flashed the wrong type.

Is there any emergency flash procedures available for this model?
I don't know anything about it, not even the type of bios, a search on
google suggested that it had a Phoenix bios installed and that could
be restored with
this procedure:
 b. To recover BIOS;
   i. Recovery flash requires a update key over COM port and pin
definition as follow:
      Pin4 wires to Pin8 and Pin9
      Pin7 wires to Pin6
      Pin3 wires to Pin2
   ii. Use Supermicro CD to make a "Phoenix BIOS crisis disk for
supermicro mainboard". This disk includes a BIOS file named
"bios.rom". Please note, this BIOS file can be changed to a different
Phoenix BIOS file as long as it's named "bios.rom"
   iii. Connect the serial key into COM port, insert the recovery disk
into floppy drive and power on the system.
   iv. When the ssytem starts to read the disk, remove the serial key
   v. When system is done with BIOS recovery, it will automatically

this is actually for a SuperMicro Motherboard so I don't know if that

anyone have any idea what to do?

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