WTD[Perth] PCMCIA Lan Card or lan/modem combo

WTD[Perth] PCMCIA Lan Card or lan/modem combo

Post by Brank » Tue, 22 May 2001 23:37:11

As above, lan 10 or 10/100 or a combo with 33.6k or more
16bit not 32bit.

Cheap as possible please!



1. WANTED: Modem cable for 3COM Megahertz Lan+Modem card


I have a 3Comm megahertz Lan+Modem (10/100+56k) card in my dell
The model number is 3CCFEM556B

I have the cable for hooking up to my lan but I'm missing the cable
(dongle) for hooking up a regular phone line to the modem.

You can see a picture of what I'm looking for here:


The top cable is the one I'mlooking for


You can email me by reversing the following address:

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