Starting Geoworks 1.2 on XT Laptop

Starting Geoworks 1.2 on XT Laptop

Post by <Use-Author-Address-Heade » Wed, 06 Oct 1999 04:00:00

Recently, I had installed Geoworks 1.2 on my NEC Multispeed HD Laptop.  This
laptop is of the XT variety.  Everytime I start Geoworks using GEOS.BAT, it
initializes 5 to 6 modules and then freezes everything up, including the hard
drive.  I have tried setting the setver command to DOS 5.0, and I have modified
the config.sys file to NDO specifications.  I have made sure that the amount of
free memory is above 520k, and the video driver is cga mono.   I have gone as
far as installing MS DOS 3.2, the original OS that was installed on the machine
and the problem still occurs.  I had absolutely no problems installing Geoworks,
in fact I had installed it on my Pentium Desktop and ran it without problems.
Perhaps someone has had a similar problem.


Starting Geoworks 1.2 on XT Laptop

Post by Clemens » Thu, 07 Oct 1999 04:00:00

Suggestion:  Try starting kernel /log.
That would produce a log to review.  You will see which module causes the



Starting Geoworks 1.2 on XT Laptop

Post by Dan Ferguso » Thu, 07 Oct 1999 04:00:00

Have you tried reinstalling?  With 1.2, I've sometimes had to
install more than once to get a noncorrupted version.   FWIW, I
run 1.2 on a Toshiba XT notebook with no problems (other than the
crappy display, which is not a GEOS problem).



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installed DRDOS 6.0 then installed GEOWORKS 1.2.  When I try to start
GEOWORKS, it gives a system error.  Using the help function to capture
the log,
the last lines are as follows:

        initializing user interface
        system error: fatal error in (nothing at this point)

thank for any help that you may be able to supply.

ps.  The system only has 640K of memory so is not running XMS.

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