E-List for GEOS

E-List for GEOS

Post by Byron Collin » Sun, 23 Jul 2000 04:00:00

Hi All,
If you aren't aboard yet, and would like to keep on top
of what happening in the GEOS Community; follow the
web link below to subscribe to the NewDeal E-List.


Byron Collins
List Administrator, NewDeal E-list
The e-neighborhood for NewDeal/GEOS Friends.


1. E-List for GEOS

Hi All,

You're welcome to join this E-List;
It's kind of an "alt.comp.os.geos.misc"
Internet Group. One key advantage is each
post come straight to the list member's e-mail
address; "if" they want them to ;-).


Byron Collins
List Administrator, Geos-Talk E-list

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