Where is the updated Postscript driver ?

Where is the updated Postscript driver ?

Post by Andreas Bollhalde » Tue, 27 May 2003 21:07:12

Hi Grossibaer,

would you make your updated Postscript driver available for buying ??? I
(and shure others) would be glad to buy it for a shareware fee. Say about 15



1. PDF driver and Postscript driver


I wrote a PDF driver for my application. It uses only very simple PDF
functionalities : drawing lines and writing text.
Now I need to write the same for Postscript. Unfortunately, I know next
to nothing of it. And the PS Reference Manual is a bit too big to my
Is there a quick way to modify my PDF driver to generate Postscript as
well? Can I just define functions or macros in Postscript that will be
substituted for the PDF control code?

Thanks in advance,

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