even more funny stuff!

even more funny stuff!

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 [Fwd: Newspeak of the Year: Rumsfeld defends Iraqi sovereignty]

"There are reports, recent reports, of Iranians
moving some of their border posts along about a
25-kilometer [15-mile] stretch several kilometers
inside of Iraq, obviously not being respectful of
Iraq's sovereignty," the secretary said, calling
it "behavior that's not acceptable."


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1. Stuff In the Water AND Norway Stuff AND Even FS Easter Eggs

        I hate to mention this but you gave me the idea.  :)  Do many
improved scenery regions take season into consideration?  It would be
super if during summer all those sailboats appeared tied.  I forgot to
set Norway to different seasons to see the snow covered mountains
and/or change in foliage.

        I read of a region recently (Singapore, Hong Kong, or somewhere
over there) where at a certain time there is a fireworks display going
off.  Can anyone refresh me on this and also are there any other
"easter eggs"?

        About Norway.  Must I remove Europe for it to work or can I leave
it set even though parts of Norway's coast might get messed up?  I
will try it again after I add some other scenery regions.


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