chess game - revisited

chess game - revisited

Post by Holger La » Sat, 07 Nov 1998 04:00:00

Hi everybody,

although we had the discussion here several times, we do not seem
to get any closer to a native chess game in NDO.

Incidentally, I found the following Web site:


which contains not only the game and the source code (in Turbo
Pascal) but also a detailed description how the programmers wrote
it, including basic priciples of machine chess.

I did not have the time to test the strength of the program yet,
but I guess anything that does not play totally suicidal would be
a move forward.

I am thinking of analysing the program and porting it to ...
well, all I know inside out is IZL, but NewBasic or GOC would be
the better solution.

Any takers?



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Hi outthere.

I have been asked by an old man if I could find some chess games for the Amstrad PcW.
The reason is that his legs are not as good as before, so he cannot go to the chess club.

I am not familiar with the amstrad family, but he mentioned something about a
Commodore 1404 (I am not sure what this is, but I assume that it is a disk drive or a
tape station). I am not sure about the number on the Commodore, but if anyone could
give me a pointer to a ftp site with PcW - games, I would be happy.

Thanks in advance.

Frank Frederiksen, Aalborg University

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