geos on ppc

geos on ppc

Post by dosma » Fri, 11 Jul 2003 08:54:00

is it possible to run geos/ndo on a windows ce handheld device?

geos on ppc

Post by Raymond Anco » Fri, 11 Jul 2003 22:45:22

>is it possible to run geos/ndo on a windows ce handheld device?

Yes, using PocketDOS (, CGA/MCGA display only.

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geos on ppc

Post by PocketD » Sat, 12 Jul 2003 23:40:18

> is it possible to run geos/ndo on a windows ce handheld device?

Dear Sir,

It is possible to run GEOS/NDO under PocketDOS on a Windows CE device.
We have experimented with the NewDeal Office installation (3.1b) and
have found the following:

1) The NewDeal Office installation program tries to change a sector on
the DOS boot drive. As PocketDOS boots from "ROM" and a read-only disk
image, it is not possible for NDO installation to write to the
PocketDOS boot drive, which causes it to fail. This seems to be a
problem with ROM-DOS's critical error handler.
2) NewDeal Office can be installed when booting PocketDOS from
Microsoft DOS (see the tutorials on our website for instructions on
how to install MS-DOS). It does not appear to be able to be installed
under DR-DOS (OpenDOS). We have not tested other DOS versions.
3) NewDeal Office can be installed to a folder or hard disk (image)
under PocketDOS.
4) If you are planning to use ROM-DOS once NDO is installed, then NDO
MUST be installed to a hard disk or hard disk image. Failure to do so
will cause a (seemingly harmless) error every time you exit NDO
(appears to be same problem as [1] above).
5) After running the install program (and before running SETUP), it is
necessary to exit to DOS and modify the GEOS.INI file in the directory
where NDO is installed. Add the following line to the [system]


6) PocketDOS must be configured to emulate a CGA display. NDO will not
work correctly if PocketDOS (v1.06.0 and later) is configured to
emulate an MCGA display .
7) When running SETUP, select "CGA: 640x200 Mono" as your display
8) When running SETUP, select "Generic Touch Screen" as your mouse
device. It is very important not to attempt to use the mouse before
doing this, as it will cause SETUP to fail.
9) Once NDO is up and running, you can configure PocketDOS to provide
EMS memory, and configure NDO to use EMS memory to improve

We have not been able to test other versions of NewDeal Office, but
hopefully these instructions will work correctly with later versions

Thank you for your interest.
PocketDOS - Adds DOS compatibility to your Pocket Computer.


geos on ppc

Post by dosma » Sun, 13 Jul 2003 07:53:48

what about dos emulators for palm powerd handhelds