Banner Maker template from GeoGrafix

Banner Maker template from GeoGrafix

Post by Hans Lindgre » Mon, 30 Jun 2003 21:03:16

Well, maybe you have a problem reaching AOL. They block providers, sometimes.

Have a nice bluesfestival. If Mick Taylor show up, go and have a look! Sometimes
he show up on short notice, participating in someone else's show "just" a
guitarist. Eric Burdon was in amazing good shape last time I saw him, he
was only complaing of his asthma, begging people not to smoke close to the
scene. But a really good show it was, but the band was quite odd, I think.


> Hi Chip,

> If I click on this link in your first post, and from there I follow the
> FTP1, I keep seeing the same page.
> I changed the url in :

>   as and
>  worked well.
> This time I could see the file and download it.

> Edward, leaving in two hours for a mini blues festival with: Michelle
> daughter of Tony Joe-it's getting swampy here-White.
> And also Eric Burdon, from the Animals.

> Tatatatada-dumdumdumdum

> > ***
> > ***Chip,
> > it's a dead link to your nr 1 page.

> > Edward
> > ***

> > Thanks for the info, Ed. I tried it last night without actually
> downloading it.
> > It seemed OK then. Maybe I have too much for the space allocation in
> ftp
> > site.
> > ***

> > Ed, I checked the link from my end. It seems OK, including a download.
> you
> > have a problem again, it could be an AOL overload (what else is new,
> Let
> > me know if you can't get through, and I will put the file on another
> site
> > as well.

> > Chip Blank
> > GUI
> > GeoGrafix

> > The GEOS Users International website is at:
> >


1. Banner Maker template from GeoGrafix a free GEOS WRITE file that is preset for 1 letter per page
with graphics quick banner construction. This overcomes the problem with the
long used BANNER app for GEOS that does not work well with inkjet printers and
does not allow for graphics. This new Banner Maker file does, and is very easy
to use. Just go to the GUI website listed below and look under the listing for
the GUI ftp #1 site for

Chip Blank

The GEOS Users International website is at:

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