Good news regarding Bochs and GEOS

Good news regarding Bochs and GEOS

Post by Meyer » Sat, 29 Mar 2003 18:18:22

Hi all,

two good news about running GEOS under Bochs 2.0.2:

1. By adding "pit: realtime=1" to your bochsrc.txt you can enable an
experimental realtime simulation for the virtual PC. Most visible effect:
double-clicking works again in GEOS !!!

2. By adding 'parport1: enabled=1, file="printed.eps"' and selecting a
Color Postscript printer driver in GEOS all your printing output is sent
to a file outside of the image ("printed.eps"). This file can then be sent
to your printer or converted to a PDF with GhostScript...

Looks like, in the not to distant future, Bochs will be the only cheap
solution to run GEOS stable under more modern flavours of Win32... someone
needs to write some instructions :-)


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Good news regarding Bochs and GEOS

Post by Douglas A. Tayl » Sat, 29 Mar 2003 22:31:42

>Hi all,

>two good news about running GEOS under Bochs 2.0.2:

Hey, I was just checking out bochs yesterday.  Synchronicity!
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1. Good news for New Deal regarding printer drivers

This comes from the Australian newspaper 3/11/98 and Australian Reseller
News of roughly the same vintage. This is some of the article I have
typed in....

" A number of printer manufacturers have formed a working group to
create a universal driver to do away with the 3000 now on the market and
push down administration costs.

The Printer Working Group is a consortium of more than 15 printer
manufacturers including Lexmark, Epson, Canon and Hewlett-Packard.

It is developing a universal driver that will reside in the operating
systems of computers and read a text file located in each printer.

The file will describe the features and characteristics of the printer
to the driver. The driver may be imbedded in the operating system. "

The article gave a web address for the Printer Working Group ( ), but a page comes up saying the domain name is for sale!
Maybe its all up in the air....


P.S. Ideally the future is paper free. Yet paper is extremely reliable
and stable. No need for electricity, rebooting, installation of OS and
relevant applications, water may smudge ink but destroys delicate
electronic circuts, fire may burn paper but a computer would not fare
better, etc.....

Holographic crystals maybe?

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