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Vaporware = GEOS addressing above 1,048,576 bytes of memory.

And no John, my giving BBX 50K ain't even gonna make a drop in that bucket



1. Amiga Vapourware

 Well - Amiga got ranked number 2 for least we are
still talked about...the whole article can be found at:,1360,33142,00.html

I hope someone can pick up amiga's pieces....wishful thinking?


2. New Amiga: Users of the much-loved but creaky old Amiga system spent
most of the summer in a frenzy of anticipation after Gateway, Amiga's
latest corporate sugar daddy, promised a next-generation machine so
powerful it would crush everything in its path.

With hardware by Transmeta, a Linux-derivative OS, and spiffy new apps
from Corel and Sun, the Amiga Multimedia Convergence Computer (MCC) was
the answer to every Amiga user's prayers.

But by the fall, the dream was in tatters. Gateway fired Amiga's chatty
head honcho, Jim Collas, and all communications from Amiga HQ ceased
until it emerged the machine was dead, only to be replaced by a set-top

"Now it's just a brand to market some multimedia routines written in
Java for some upcoming Internet appliances!" wrote a disgusted Ulf

Frank Brockway renamed the MCC the MMC, for Magical Mystery Computer,
while Gary Clayton said if Amiga doesn't win this year's Vaporware
award there's no justice in the world. (Sorry, Gary.)

"Get a rope," wrote Mark Vitale. "Nope, hangin's too good for 'em.
Let's give 'em a 'valuable award.'"

May your bad hair days be few.  This does not
apply to the bald.

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Before you buy.

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