cable internet

cable internet

Post by dosma » Fri, 27 Jun 2003 06:17:10

is geos ndo 3.2a or bbx ensemble able to use cable internet?

cable internet

Post by Bob » Fri, 27 Jun 2003 06:37:54

Yes with a ton of fiddling. There used to be quite involved and complicated
instructions on New Deal's web site. I haven't a clue where they are now.
Perhaps Why on earth you would want to bother I've no clue.
And unless your running ONLY GEOS you can't connect from Windows, or Linux,
as GEOS needs, (believe it or not), the real-mode LSL.COM driver loaded, as
well as a NET.CFG file, as well as editing the GEOS.INI. The with any luck
and some more tweaking, maybe, just maybe you can use a broadband
connection. So you'd do all this, and end up with Skipper and NewMail???

Quote:> is geos ndo 3.2a or bbx ensemble able to use cable internet?


1. Cable Internet For Your XBOX

    I've noticed a lot of you have questions and concerns about your XBOX sharing the internet connection in your home. This post will describe in detail how to go about setting up your home PC as a server so it can share internet access with the XBOX, monitor XBOX internet traffic, and access the internet itself.

What you'll need:

1. XBOX Video Game Console
2. PC With the Following Requirements:
        - NT Based OS (Windows XP, Windows ME, Windows 2000 or Windows NT 4.0)
        - An Existing Broadband Internet Connection (USB or Ethernet Based, Ethernet Recommended)
        - 500 MHz Processor (1.0 GHz Processor Recommended)
        - 128 MB RAM (512 MB RAM Recommended)
3. XBOX System Link Cable or Ethernet Crossover Cable (Use Crossover Cable if XBOX Will Be More Than 20' from PC)
4. Second Ethernet Card (Only if There is NO Free Ethernet Card Available in Your PC)
5. Phillips Head Screwdriver (You Know - The Plus-Sign, Goofball)
6. PC Expansion Card Installation Savvy
7. Single Free PCI Slot

A Quick Note:

If your broadband internet connection is connected via a USB port, then please consider switching to an Ethernet based set-up. It's faster and much more reliable.


If you don't have a free Ethernet card available in your PC, then you'll need to install one. This is a simple PC expansion card install that should take no more than two minutes.

Using the XBOX System Link Cable or a generic crossover cable, connect the free Ethernet card in your PC to the Ethernet card on the back of the XBOX.

Setup your PC to allow shared internet access by opening the status window and clicking "properties".

Turn on the XBOX and you PC will respond, saying its detected the connection.

Go to or to download system link tunnel software.

Now you can waste hour after hour playing your XBOX online. As an added bonus, when the XBOX Online service goes live this summer, you'll be ready. Good Luck!

-Sinistarr If you need additional help try

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