Geoworks totally done with Geos?

Geoworks totally done with Geos?

Post by Raymond Anco » Tue, 02 Feb 1999 04:00:00

Quote:> Did anyone else notice that the sidebars on the Geoworks web site no longer
> have any mention of GEOS or GEOS-SC ? And this comes as NewDeal is allowed to
> use the Geos name for the operating system. So I guess they're totally done
> with OS's now.

Actually, they're still there. Cick on "For Developers" and the
"sub-sidebar" will show an entry for OS'es. In fact, GWRX has just
announced that the SDK for GEOS 3.0 (for the Communicator) will come out
and that they will no longer accept orders for the 2.0 SDK. So does that
mean the 2.0 SDK will go to New Deal like the others?
Ravin' Ray
your friendly neighborhood paleontologist
"I'm a geologist who uses GEOS and has a Geocities web site!"

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