NewBASIC card game

NewBASIC card game

Post by Thomas L. Christense » Mon, 16 Jun 2003 03:15:59

Hi all GEOS fanatics.... :-)

I have uploaded a NewBASIC card game (21) to It's a
game I wrote a couple a years ago, so some of you may have seen it
before. It's a beta version, mainly because it looks terrible. The
game itself is playable - and quite entertaining, if you ask me. It is
specially perfect if you have a hangover, because it requires next to
no brain to play...

Let me also remind you of the Mastermind game I also wrote. It is also
available from, it looks a lot better, and is also a
quite entertaining game - again, if you ask me. But ofcourse, I may be
biased... :-)

Thomas L. Christensen


1. NewBasic card game - 21 beta 0.2

Hi group

Beta 2 of my card game is ready for download. I have fixed the
screen update, and I have added some more graphics. Next move is
to work on the design. Colors on the background? I would really
appreciate some feedback, so please spend a minute and tell me
what you think.

The compiled version: [16 KB]

and the source code: [18 KB]

Some information:
The "intelligence" in the program is extremely simple. The
computer will
1. try to get more points than the value of your visible cards.
2. then it will count cards and calculate the chances of getting
too many points. If the chances are more than 50%, then it stop.
3. it will also stop if the it has more than 10 points more than
the value of your visible cards.

Very, very simple routine. But I think it's powerful enough. If
you disagree, then let me know.

Thomas L. Christensen

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