Slowly playing Solitaire

Slowly playing Solitaire

Post by ND Ma » Sat, 28 Feb 1998 04:00:00

Last one for today...
I'm trying to make this happen on my computer:
Solitaire, Initial generation of card-faces SLOW at 1024x768
Running Beta with video set for 256 colors at 1024x768.
1. Open Solitaire; initial card-faces presented near-instantly
2. Turn up a card-- either on the pack or in a stack after top one removed.
Result: card-face takes maybe a second to draw -- slow.

What does happen to me is sometimes after double clicking
on a single ace on top of a stack to move it to the home row,
when I click on the next card on the stack to turn it over, nothing
happens.... until I slighly move my mouse and click again.

But the cards always seem to draw quickly enough for my taste.
How 'bout you?



1. Fastest VLB video card for Solitaire

I am currently using an ATI GUP in 8 bit colour on a DX4/100 486 VL system.
NXBench2.0 is around 1.1 or so. I have one goal left for the system. I
want to run Solitaire ( the one by Blake Stone et al) in a relaxing way.
It's so close now (it was not reasonable with a DX2/66) in that I only have
to use a bit of energy in dragging the cards. Is there a video card on
earth (not PCI) that will run faster than the ATI one under 3.3 , and fast
enough to run Solitaire in a seamless fashion? I do realize that upgrading
to a P90/100/120 with a #9 card would do it, but surely Solitaire doesn't
require miracles to work.

Any information would be appreciated.

Philip McDunnough                    OR     P. McDunnough (U of Toronto-stats)

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