Uploading and retrieving picture from AD using C#, ASP .NET and System.DirectoryServices

Uploading and retrieving picture from AD using C#, ASP .NET and System.DirectoryServices

Post by Martin Emanuelsso » Wed, 20 Feb 2002 07:30:59

I would like to know if it is possible to upload and retrieve pictures from
Active Directory in an ASP .NET application using System.DirectoryServices,
and in that case, how?



1. LDAP, Exchange 5.5, .NET, C#, System.DirectoryServices, smtp address

I'm trying to do something I would be quite simple, however, I've
spent the last 6 hours fumbling around with it and getting nowhereso
any help would be appreciated.

   * Simply access the SMPT address or a users exchange account
   * Not use COM, CDONTS, Exchange SDK, etc only use
   * Supply a valid AD account last name, search for the most likely
match(s), return an array of email addresses, populate a dropdown box
with the choices.

   * Win2k, Active Directory
   * NT4, Exchange 5.5 (trust w/ AD for accounts)
 --account names in AD are not the same as Exchange
 --I.e.  Exchange -> msmith
                AD  -> mike.smith
   * C#, .NET development environment

...Where is the "SMTP" or "Mail" property?...

The 'cn' in the 'adspath' and the 'distinguishedname' of the
SearchResult are not always usable; sometimes having HEX number - so
parsing the email out is no good.

Can this be done?...where should I look?

Thanks for any help in advance!



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