ADSI + ASP.NET (.NET Framework) System.Directoryservices

ADSI + ASP.NET (.NET Framework) System.Directoryservices

Post by Sri Prab » Wed, 17 Oct 2001 17:17:40

I'm trying to create users in the domain controller running IIS 5.0/Windows
from a ASP.NET page, using System.DirctoryServices.
I have set the web site security to Windows Integrated and removed the
ananymous access in the IIS 5.0. the i'm using the administrator account to
When I run this page and execute the code to create user, it throws an
Source: System.DirectoryServices
Message: Server is unwilling to process the request.
I'm not getting any clue what is the problem

any help?



ADSI + ASP.NET (.NET Framework) System.Directoryservices

Post by David Stuc » Sat, 20 Oct 2001 05:32:15

You very well may need to include the code that's trying to create a user...

When you call DirectoryEntry.Children.Add() make sure the name has a "cn="
in front otherwise you will get this "Server unwilling" error.

Dave Stucki
Microsoft Developer Support

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