Schema attributes of AD are missing in .NET beta3 using ADSI

Schema attributes of AD are missing in .NET beta3 using ADSI

Post by Ran Silberma » Thu, 16 May 2002 19:21:21

We wrote a program that reads list of attributes from the
Active Directory Schema using ADSI. It worked OK in
Windows 2000.

When we tested it on a "Windows.NET Enterprise server:
Evaluation copy. Build 3590.main.011110-1652". we get

Here is a detailed description of the issue:

In our program, we bind to the schema and read list of
attributes that exist in the schema.
For some reason, several attributes which were accessible
in Windows 2000 are not accessible in the .net server.
An example is the attribute unicodePwd or CN=Unicode-Pwd
When we try to get this attribute we get the
error: "0x80005004L E_ADS_UNKNOWN_OBJECT: An unknown ADSI
object was requested".

When using ADSIEdit snapin, all attributes are displayed,
including unicodePwd.

So we used the utility ADSVW.exe (Active Directory
We could reproduce the same error that we got:

When we bind the the schema using the
string: "LDAP://schema" we get all attributes
When we bind to:
we get list of attributes that is not full, and the
unicodePwd attribute is missing.

Can anyone help us understand why the attributes are not

Thank you,


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I am interested in disecting the blob of data that a specialist
application stores in the extensionData attribute in AD ( which
ADSIEdit shows to be an OctetString ).  I have tried using the
following ( cribbed ) code :

Dim root As New DirectoryServices.DirectoryEntry("LDAP://home/cn=Users,dc=home,dc=home,dc=com")
        Dim searcher As New DirectoryServices.DirectorySearcher(root)
        Dim results As SearchResultCollection
        Dim result As SearchResult

        searcher.Filter = "(mailNickname=dave)"

        results = searcher.FindAll()

        For Each result In results


        Next result

Although the display name and telephone number attributes are written
correctly to the console, the extensionData attribute is written as
"System.Byte[]".  As a complete VB/.NET beginner I don't really
understand what this is telling me.

How should I address, read and manipulate this attribute ?


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