Script to configure Frontpage Extensions on IIS5?

Script to configure Frontpage Extensions on IIS5?

Post by Brad Kingsle » Sun, 29 Oct 2000 01:55:41

Does anyone have an ADSI script to configure FP2k extensions on IIS5?




1. problem configuring frontpage extensions in metabase with adsi

I host several websites on a win2k advanced server.  I am creating an
administration web site with vbscripts to automate a few administrative
tasks.  One of the tasks that I want to automate is the ability to
enable/disable the frontpage server extensions.  I am using adsi to change
the IIS metabase setting.  I can successfully change the setting and then
read it, and it has changed.  When I view the properties of the site through
the MMC, it shows that the fp server extensions are not configured.  I am
wondering if there are additional attributes that need to be configured
other than just the .frontpageweb setting in the metabase.  The following is
the code that I am using which 'works' in that it changes the metabase
setting.  If you know of any other settings that need to be set when using
ADSI to enable/disable the frontpage extensions, I would greatly appreciate
it if you shared with me.  Thank you.

code in use:

Set w3svc = GetObject("IIS://" & vComp & "/w3svc")

set site = w3svc.GetObject("IIsWebServer", vSite)
' site.FrontPageWeb = true  ' this is another line I was testing with
site.FrontPageWeb = 1

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