change ad object

change ad object

Post by Henry Zhan » Fri, 12 Jul 2002 04:36:59

I get an smart pointer of  IADsUser through "ADsGetObject(...)"

later on, I want to add an array of string as value to this ADUser.

can i just use "SetInfoEx" and "SetEx"  to set that value?  or I need to
call "ADsOpenObject" instead?

also, I see in some code snip that each read to an AD object involves a
"GetInfoEx" to read it to
the AD cache, and a following "GetEx" to read the value into some variant.
Is that necessary?
(does that mean each "Set" will need a "SetEx" to write to cache, and a
"SetInfoEx" to commit it?


1. Search filter for changed objects in ADS


USNChanged value for users and groups.

If group a group "Group A" contains 10 users/members
and then I remove one user/member from that group.

Then query for the USNChanged value for the
objectClass=group and objectClass=user objectCategory = organizationalPerson
The LDAP query filter only returns the group.

But inreality the user also has a change in his/her memberof property why is
the user not returns for the query
as a result.
Is it because "memberof" is one of  MS implimentaion rather than LDAP?


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