URGENT: ADSI Datatypes and property return values

URGENT: ADSI Datatypes and property return values

Post by Justin Morgali » Sat, 08 Dec 2001 06:02:36

I am trying to pull back a property from a user object and
I am getting a ADS_CANT_CONVERT_DATATYPE error.  The
ADsType of this property is 11, which apparently is
ADS_PROV_SPECIFIC.  My question is, how do I display
this?  I need this multi-valued property ("memberOf") so
that I can grant user access to certain folders that the
user has authority to access via his group membership.  
but because of this error, I cannot get the String of
groups into my ASP page.

THIS IS URGENT!  My deadline is tomorrow.


1. ADSI datatype cannot be converted to or from a native DS datatype

Please help...

I tried to import some codes from VB to ASP. Basically I can get the
user information from LDAP server. But For most properties like
department, displayname, streetAddress, etc. They return 800500C Error
code "The ADSI datatype cannot be converted to or from a native DS
datatype". I tested those fields and I can get them in VB without
problem. But in ASP, I keep getting this error.

The Server is Windows 2000, with IIS, and it's the same server I tried
to run the VB program.

The amazing thing is that 10 minutes ago, the code suddenly works
without any datatype conversion problem, but after serveral refresh, it
returns the error again.


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