ADSI question User logged on

ADSI question User logged on

Post by Peter V » Thu, 26 Oct 2000 04:00:00

Is it possible to show which user is logged on to a given PC
(I want to check remote on which computers a given user is logged on, by
checking all PC's and look if that user has been logged on to that PC)
I'm using VB6 & ADSI 2.5

Also, how can I set that a user has to change his password at next logon ?

Thanks in advance



1. Administation question (To log on or not to log on, that is the question:)

This is just out of curiosity (And a total lack of understanding when
dealing with an administrative account on a server).

Obviously I am not required to log onto the server after it boots up for the
server to do its work once its configured.  Now I log on to perform
administrative tasks.  My questions are: Does it free up a license to log
back off when I'm done (Which might cure a small problem I have)?  OR can I
log off?  I've never tried to log off once the server was running.  Is it
generally more accepted to just leave the admin account logged in or do most
IT/IS personnel log back out when their administrative tasks are complete.
Is there a best practice?  Thanks for your thoughts.

Thanks to the best news group around.

Donald "Doc" Watson
Information Services
Linn County REC

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