Adding Two Exchange 'otherMailbox' Addresses

Adding Two Exchange 'otherMailbox' Addresses

Post by Richard Todhunte » Sat, 04 Nov 2000 11:07:20

My VB Script is creating new Exchange 5.5 mailboxes and needs to add two
'otherMailbox's being a secondary smtp and an MS Mail address. My problem is
that the second otherMailbox overwrites the first rather than adding the
additional one.
Here is part of the code:

mailBox.Put "mail", strSMTPAddr
mailBox.Put "otherMailbox", "smtp$" + strFirstName + "." +strLastName +

mailBox.Put "otherMailbox", "MS$" + strOrg" + "/" + strPostoffice + "/" +
mailbox.Put "textEncodedORAddress", "c=US;a=MCI;p=MyOrg;s=" & strLastName &
";g=" & strFirstName & ";"
mailBox.Put "MAPI-Recipient", True
mailBox.Put "rfc822Mailbox", strSMTPAddr

In this example, how can I add both the secondary smtp and the MS address



1. Exchange 5.5 forward recipent's e-mail to TWO different e-mail addresses?


I have SBS4.5, Exchange 5.5.
My company has a salesman who works from Home and logs-onto the
internet vi a free ISP.
In order to give the saleman a company e-mail address i have created
him as a SBS user with an Exchange mailbox.  I have also created him a
custom recipent (with his free ISP E-mail Address), and then forwarded
his e-mail from his user mailbox to his custom recipent mailbox.  This
allows him to collect his company e-mail from his free ISP account.
The salesman has just open a 2nd Free ISP account and has asked if his
e-mail can be forwarded to BOTH accounts!  Is this possible?  If so
what do i need to do?

Thanks in advance for any help

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