ADSI or WMI call to set system date?

ADSI or WMI call to set system date?

Post by john » Wed, 02 Jul 2003 06:43:25

Is there an ADSI or WMI API call i can use to set the
system date via vbscript?

1. ADSI call "SetPassword" won't work when called thru ASP

I am trying to allow admins to set password for all the users, without
knowing their old password, through a web interface by call ADSI calls in
the ASP pages.

The problem is that the ASP keep giving me a "Permission Denied" error, even
when I bind to the user object with creditial with OpenDSObject. It is
really strange because after I bind with creditial, I am able to change
anything else I want about this user, except SetPassword.

I heard someone told me that the web connection has to be in 128bit ssl
secured connection.  Is that true?

Thanks a million

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