bind to AD using getObject

bind to AD using getObject

Post by Mike Wolf » Sat, 23 Mar 2002 02:06:22

If I bind from IIS (using anonymous user) to an object on a _different_
machine in the same domain with Active Directory using getObject(), under
what account does this bind occur?  I would think it would be the IUSR_XXX
account from the IIS box, but the active directory seems to refuse this.  Is
there a special permission on the active directory box I need to apply to
allow this to happen?



1. Binding to an AD object using SID


I wish to bind to an AD object using its SID. I have seen a sample in MSDN
which binds using this sytax: LDAP://<SID=xxxx>. My problem is that the SID
I have is in binary form. I tried encoding it using ADsEncodeBinaryData, but
ADSOpenObject does not accept it.

So my question is, how do I convert a binary SID to a textutal
representation that I can use with  LDAP://<SID=xxxx>?



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