LDAP versus WinNT to set userflags.

LDAP versus WinNT to set userflags.

Post by Davy Vanderheyde » Sat, 04 Nov 2000 00:01:16

Hi all,

I'm making an application to automate user-creation via an activeXddl.
Everything works fine, I've done everything through LDAP: but when I wanted
to set the userflags (like "store password using reversible encryption") it
seemed that I couldn't use LDAP but I needed WinNT.  I've managed to create
the code so that my userflags are set, but I'ld like to know if there's a
possibility to do this via LDAP or not.  I havn't quit found out the
difference yet between the LDAP and WinNT - provider, maybe there's somebody
who can clarify things for me?

Appreciate any help

Davy Vanderheyden


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What kind of changes or upgrades or service packs would cause this problem.

The one line of code that used to work is:
bstrADOQueryString =

now I have to use the code:
bstrADOQueryString =

I did find an article that mentions GC://
This is where I got the idea to test this:

What really is the GC provider? Why would LDAP:// provider stop working?
I am working from the code provided (with no support) in the MS EXCH 5.5
Resource Kit called
Galmod.  I really need to get the LDAP way of doing things working again
According to this link
I have less attributes that I can have access to, by using GC.
This does impact the use of this galmod tool.

Thanks in advance,

Kelly Greer

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