LDAP and ADSI: please help...

LDAP and ADSI: please help...

Post by lutsch.. » Wed, 01 Nov 2000 23:25:43


I'm a newbie in this domain.

Could anyone give me a code snippet on how to query a standard LDAP-
server (like Netscape) and to create a user in the Win2000 Active
directory using the VB scripting language?

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1. Okay ...please help with LDAP and ADSI...my code is included...

I had previously asked this question and now I have included my code:

Need urgent help with LDAP and DirectorySearcher class using
I am currently using LDAP to access a specified x500 directory
to retrieve DNs and mHsORAddresses.  I can easily get the
DNs since they are straight strings by looping through the
DirectorySearcher data type (ie., mySearcher) and
filtering per 'distinguishedname'.  However, for the
'mhsoraddresses' attribute, I get this error...

"Handling of this ADSVALUE is not yet implemented (type = 0xb)"

I don't know how to resolve this.  Is mhsoraddress an ASN.1
structure? If it is, then how do I dereference it so I can
get the data properly?

My code:

      Dim NEWentry As New
      Dim mySearcher As New

      Dim res As SearchResult
      For Each res In mySearcher.FindAll()
         Dim ien As IDictionaryEnumerator =
         While ien.MoveNext()
           If ien.Key.ToString() = "mhsoraddresses" Then
            Dim str As String
            str = CType(res.Properties(ien.Key.ToString())(0), String)
           End If
         End While

When I try to debug this code and check 'str', i get the exception
error complaining about the ADSVALUE not being implemented....how do i
get str
to contain the mhsoraddress value?  If it is not a string, how do I
dereference it??

Joe Kaplan, I checked the security permissions and i should be able to
see values since I have a third-party C++ code (with tons of decode
code..yuck!) that is able go to the remote directory and actually
decode the value.  Of course, I am using VB.NET and stuck with ADSI.

Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks!



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