Get User's Address Book

Get User's Address Book

Post by Salim Afta » Fri, 04 Jul 2003 16:07:24

I setup 2000 Server and Exchange Server
Can I get the person's name from a user's address book programmatically?
Does Active Directory database have got a [MS Outlook address book users]
column for a Active Directory user?
or do I have to get the userlist Exchange Server database?
or can I add a property for the user class (a property which include the
user custom userlist)?
Any help will be accepted thankfully.

1. Contact email address gets mangled _OR_ does not appear in global address book

When I add a contact using the code snippet below, it is fine for a minute
or two, but after a few minutes pass, the email address gets
changed/mangled.  It looks like the recipient policy overrides the email
address I programmatically enter.  If I do _not_ fill in the mailNickName
property, it does not mangle the email address, but it wont show up in the
Global Address Book.  The mangling process basically changes the email

SMTP address).

What am I doing wrong?

 ' Create the contact
 Set oContact = oObject.Create("contact", "CN=FirstName LastName")
 oContact.Put "name", "FirstName LastName"
 oContact.Put "displayName", "FirstName LastName"
 oContact.Put "givenName", "FirstName"
 oContact.Put "sn", "LastName"
 oContact.Put "mailNickName", "Firstname Lastname"


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