For Immediate release : Contact: Broges@Msn.Com

For Immediate release : Contact: Broges@Msn.Com

Post by broge » Fri, 03 Nov 2000 11:51:30

Dancers needed for Advent Vesper Services

George Stevenson founder and retired artistic director of the American
Modern Dance Theatre will hold a series of Advent workshops and Vesper
services that will incorporate music, dance, and theatre in a contempory

Prince of Peace Lutheran Church Denville/Rockaway NJ will host the series.

Contact Brother George Stevenson  for information or appointment .



Try editing the file RASPHONE.PBK in the C:\WINNT.SBS\SYSTEM32\RAS directory
with notepad.
Under the section [ISPName] find the setting "IdleDisconnectSeconds". It is
probably set to 0(Zero). Set it to the number of seconds to stay up after no
activity ie. =300 for 5 mins.
Hope this helps because I can get it to hang up OK but often it won't
Denis Kelly

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