How can I convert a computer's NT 4 name to distinguished name?

How can I convert a computer's NT 4 name to distinguished name?

Post by Snow Wan » Thu, 07 Jun 2001 01:03:53


    Does DsCrackName() work with computer as well? I want to translate a
given NT 4 computer name to Active Directory distinguished name, but it
doesn't seem to work. Any advice? Thanks.



1. Converting a computer name from NT Name to ADSI Name

Hi all,

First, thanks to Wayne Tilton for his vb Code in a previous mail.
I used his code to convert user names from NT4 to ADSI, and it's ok.
I'm now trying to make the same thing with computer names and it doesn't
work. Error : Name not found

Do you know why ?


My code :

   Option Explicit
   Dim Domain, NTDomain, nto, AdObj, AdsPath

   Const ADS_NAME_TYPE_1779 = 1
   Const ADS_NAME_TYPE_NT4 = 3

   ' Get name to be translated (wo/NT domain)
   AdObj = "MyComputer"

   ' Get the LDAP default naming context so we can bind to the GC
   Domain = GetObject("LDAP://RootDSE").Get("DefaultNamingContext")

   ' Get the NT style Domain name for the NT4 lookup
   NTDomain = GetObject("LDAP://" & Domain).dc

   ' Create name translate object and connect to GC for translations
   Set nto = CreateObject("NameTranslate")
   nto.Init ADS_NAME_INITTYPE_GC, Domain

   ' Set nto w/NT style domain\user
   nto.Set ADS_NAME_TYPE_NT4, NTDomain & "\" & AdObj

   ' Get RFC1779 (LDAP) name translation
   AdsPath = nto.Get(ADS_NAME_TYPE_1779)

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