Urgent ADSI Question : NTLM

Urgent ADSI Question : NTLM

Post by Peter V » Wed, 25 Oct 2000 15:58:42


I want to automate some admin tasks on my network. (NT4)
I've set up a SSL intranetsite (asp, vbscript) on which I want to be able to
1. add a user to the SAM    & set rights    -> done, no problem
2. reset the password to a default password
    -> If I want to set the password to e.g.  'default'  I will have to know
the old password to user    oUser.Setpassword  oldpassword, newpassword

3. Unlock a user if he has been locked out

Is this possible
and if so : Can please somebody explain me how to do it ???
I am running ADSI 2.5 on IIS4

Thanks in advance

Peter Van Eeckhoutte

PS : please send me a copy of your reply by email


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