Exchange 5.5 management via ADSI and connector

Exchange 5.5 management via ADSI and connector

Post by Aaron Brow » Sun, 02 Jun 2002 04:19:11

My organization will soon be making a migration from WinNT/Exchange5.5 to
Win2000/Exchange2000.  For a brief time, the domain with all the users will
have migrated into Active Directory, while Exchange is left behind at 5.5.
Then we'll be moving users into Exchange2000 servers over some period of
time.  Meanwhile, all the scripts that we have which create/modify/delete
these mailboxes will need to be able to work with the bizarrely mixed
environment of Windows2000 with Active Directory and Exchange 5.5, with the

My question is this:  Can I, using ADSI (preferably via the LDAP interface),
create and delete an Exchange 5.5 mailbox?

I know that installation of the connector gives extra functionality to the
AD Users and Computers GUI, with the ability to add and remove mailboxes
without even opening Exchange Admin.  Can this functionality be accessed in
ADSI?  All the docs I can find either use dll's written for a WinNT
environment with Exchange 5.5, or they discuss how to manage Exchange2000
mailboxes in an Active Directory environment.  I just can't seem to find how
to do what I want through the connector.  Is it possible?  Are there any
sample scripts I can see?  I'm writing all my management scripts in
ActiveState Perl, but given the VB code I can translate to Perl easily

 - Aaron

Aaron Brown
University of Kansas


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