DirectoryEntry RefreshCache fails due to access problem - schema retrieval on 3rd party ldap server

DirectoryEntry RefreshCache fails due to access problem - schema retrieval on 3rd party ldap server

Post by Mat » Sat, 03 May 2003 01:36:20

I'm working on the solution to retrieving schema information from a
3rd party LDAP server as suggested by a MSFT rep at this link

and it worked great until I put in my ID and password. Now I get the
generic "Unknown error" when it hits the following code to refresh the
DirectoryEntry object:

   entry.RefreshCache(new string[]{propertyName});

If I remove my login information it works (our test server has full
access for anonymous users - so you can workout your code first).
Anyone know what type of access I need to request from the LDAP
administrators? I don't know if they will grant it but it will help if
I at least know what I need.


DirectoryEntry RefreshCache fails due to access problem - schema retrieval on 3rd party ldap server

Post by David Stucki [M » Sun, 04 May 2003 00:31:04

In order to split up Binding from filling the property cache, can you try
forcing a bind by doing this:
object o = entry.NativeObject

DirectoryEntry will wait until the last possible moment to send anything
over the network, but this code forces a bind to occur in order to retrieve
the NativeObject (an IADs interface).

You may want to try using some different AuthenticationTypes flags.  
AuthenticationTypes.None would be the first thing to try since this will
result in a LDAP simple bind (clear-text authentication).

David Stucki
Microsoft Developer Support

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