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I'm using win2k's IAS for RADIUS authentication.  I'm trying to use ASP to
do some management of the users and one of the very crucial properties I
need to be able to modify is the "User can dialup"
property...(msNPAllowDialin)... I finally found out that its not in FLAGS
and its not a property... its a parameter... When I finally found it on a
user it looked like this:
Parameters:     m: d
P    msNPAllowDialin??????????????&  msRADIUSServiceType??????????0  msRASSa

Anyone know how I would go about setting this value?


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Post by Nathan Craddoc » Thu, 26 Oct 2000 04:00:00

Anyone know how to set the "Allow user to dial in" property?

its in Parameters...

Parameters:     m: d
P    msNPAllowDialin??????????????&  msRADIUSServiceType??????????0  msRASSa


1. Why would MsnPAllowDialin not work - mix.mode

Native mode, W2K.
I run .asp script logged on as domain admin, and user
account is created just fine. However, I try to enable
msNPAllowDialin, the script runs, but it doesn't work. I
opened ADSIEdit and user account is set to "not set".
What's wrong ?


        'And get the object
        Set c = GetObject(s)

        On Error Resume Next
        Set u = c.Create("user", "CN=" & login)
        If Err.Number <> 0 Then
           Response.Write("!!! *** ERROR ")
        End If

        'Set the properties of the new user
        u.Put "givenName", firstname
        u.Put "sn", lastname 'sn
        u.Put "PhysicalDeliveryOfficeName", office
        u.Put "DisplayName", lastname & ", " & firstname
       u.Put "Initials", usrMiddleInitial  
        u.Put "sAMAccountName", login  'Sam Acct
        u.Put "Name", lastname & ", " & firstname
        u.Put "telephoneNumber", phone 'Phone
        u.Put "title", jobtitle
        u.Put "department", department
        u.Put "description", jobtitle & " - " & office


        u.SetPassword password

        u.AccountDisabled = False

        u.Put msNPAllowDialin = True  'Script runs fine,
but In ADSIedit, msNPAllowDialin appears as "not set",
istead of "True".

        Set u = Nothing
        Set c = Nothing

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