Serverless binding

Serverless binding

Post by Sidney Zhan » Mon, 08 Jan 2001 16:55:07

We want to user serverless binding, as followings.

 hr = ADsGetObject(L"LDAP://rootDSE", IID_IADs, (void**)&pRootDSE);

on the AD server, this line works well. but if on a member server, this line
return ADsGetObject failed: 0x8007054b
which is Domian not found.
I've already add the member server to the domain, Who can tell me why? What
should I do to prevent this?


1. How to make a serverless bind to LDAP

 I'm using my LDAP server to do one level of validation
for users using directory services in .NET.
 My conectionstring is something like this.

DirectoryEntry adsUsers = new DirectoryEntry

  In the above connection string, the server name is
harcoded. I want to make a server-less bind to LDAP. But I
get some problems when I make a server-less bind using
something like "LDAP://dc=fa,dc=com" where 'fa' is my
domain name.The connection succeeds only on multiple
attempts and it's really inconsistent.
 I need a way where I can make a serverless bind which is
reliable and consistent.
 Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Thanking you in advance.

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