Getting DN for a computer object in W2K AD

Getting DN for a computer object in W2K AD

Post by Howard A. Bulloc » Mon, 25 Dec 2000 12:45:40

I want to obtain the hierarchial OU structure in which a computer resides.
Am I correct in that  the DN of the computer object could be obtained and
parsed to yield the OU structure? How does one return the DN for a computer
with only the computer and domain?

1. Translating SID of an AD object to DN

Hi all ,
I have to get a distinguishedName of an AD  object using its SID.
I tried to bind to the object using the path :  "LDAP://<SID=Textual
but the binding failed with error code 80072037 (which means there was a
naming violaton).
I guess the reason for the failure was using textual SID.
Does anybody know how to bind to an object using it's SID,or another way
to get
the DN of an object using its SID ?

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