ADSI 2.5, SetPassword error

ADSI 2.5, SetPassword error

Post by tl » Fri, 25 Oct 2002 03:55:23

Hi everyone,

Did you know that when your server update to SP3, the new security
patch. Your ADSI might act funny.

-2147023541     8007054B        1355    no authentication
                                                The specify domain either not exist or could not be contact.

-2147016651     80072035        8245    The server is unwilling to perform.

-2147024843     80070035        53      network path not found  

-2147024865     8007001F        31      a device attached to the system is not

-2147016657     8007202F        8239    a constraint violation occured
                slowbro ran             nothing create

-2147016656     80072030        8240    There is no such object on the server.

-2147023545     80070547        1351    Configuration information could not be read

all of those error might happen to you at different time when you try
to run it.
MS has a very bad, unclear error messages sent back.

Do you know what's the reason?.... hahaha....Ask me

The reason is that if you running more than one server in your domain
and it's not up to date with the SP, then the domain controler machine
might not give the other server the authentication has off before...
no error otherwise accept if you try to set the password.

Solution... Update all of them at the same time and same level...

Good luck


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