using getobject to refer to local computer

using getobject to refer to local computer

Post by joh » Sun, 13 Apr 2003 03:41:29


Is there a convenient way to have GetObject() refer to the local
computer when getting objects from the WinNT provider?

In other words, if want to do this:

     user = GetObject("WinNT://ThisComputer/SomeUser")

Is there a way to leave out the reference to "ThisComputer" and have
GetObject understand to retrieve the user from the local account
database?  A la...



using getobject to refer to local computer

Post by Max L. Vaughn [MSF » Wed, 16 Apr 2003 02:48:43

No.  You will need to specify the local machine.

You can retrieve the local machine name from the WinNTSystemInfo object.

for example if you always want to bind to the administrator account on a local box you can try:

set oSys = CreateObject("WinNTSystemINfo")
comp = oSYs.ComputerName
set oAdMin = GetObject("WinNT://"&comp&"/administrator,user")
WScript.Echo oAdMin.Name

Max Vaughn [MS]
Microsoft Developer Support

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