calling GetObject using GUID with SiteServer

calling GetObject using GUID with SiteServer

Post by Michael Shut » Sat, 03 Mar 2001 00:28:18

I cannot seem to retrieve ADSI objects from Site Server's LDAP provider
using an object's GUID.  For example, the following code returns error
#0x80072037 -> "A naming violation occurred" when the second call to
GetObject is made.  Can anyone see a problem with my syntax?

Dim oUser
Dim sUserGuid

' get the guid of the test user
Set oUser =
sUserGuid = oUser.Get("GUID")
Set oUser = Nothing

' attempt to retrieve the user object using it's guid value
Set oUser = GetObject("LDAP://devserver:1003/<GUID=" & sUserGuid & ">")


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