DisplayName for group (silly question)

DisplayName for group (silly question)

Post by marcu » Sat, 28 Oct 2000 19:48:12

what does "Select Groups and Users window" (for example when selecting the
groups for file permitions) displays as Name of Group?

By default it seems it displays NAME (CN) and IN FOLDER ("Slashed DN path")

This seems silly bebause if having three groups with same CN
(AllTeamMembers) (in 3 different containers, three teams of people) they
have allmost the same appearance.

AllTeamMembers (IN FOLDER Team1)
AllTeamMembers (IN FOLDER Team2)
AllTeamMembers (IN FOLDER Team3)

How do I make it look more "NT style" (displaying samAccountName and
description ?)
What attributes to set in AD (I have tried adminDisplayName, displayName,
description) or how to tell the selection dialog to display something else ?