Post by Jesse Martine » Thu, 02 Nov 2000 07:02:56

If I want to make a SSL connection between a Weblogic server and an ADSI
server. Do I install the cert on ADSI or the Weblogic server? If on the ADSI
server, how?




I'm trying to use the C# System.DirectoryServices to get
to an LDAP server.  Everything works fine if I use
FastBind, but not when I use SSL.

Using another product (LdapBrowser) I can connect to the
server using LDAP/SSL just fine.

I believe the problem is that the C# classes are not
finding the proper CA Certificate to use, but I don't
know how this process works on the C# side.

How do I tell C#/ADSI where the certificate file is...or
where do I load the root certificate so that C#/ADSI can
find it.

The C language interface to LDAP includes a parameter for
the certificate file name...but ADSI does not seem to
have this.


P.S.  If you have any information on how I can get better
debug/log messages in this process, that would be helpful
too.  I can't tell exactly where the problem is occurring.

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